Day 61

One day he came back from a ‘hippie’ summer festival and gave me a big hug saying smilingly, “I got a tattoo”. I was a bit surprised. He then went on to show me this beautiful little picture of a baby elephant with a bigger one drawn in profile on his back just above his waist. “This is you and me.”, he said. How sweet! I took a picture which I think I have attached to this post but I am not sure if it has worked. As you know being an ‘old person’ working on a computer, one can never be sure.

There are so many lovely memories I have that make my heart go all warm and fuzzy!

Every time I walk past his portrait, I smile and blow him a little kiss. I am so grateful for the light he brought to my life, for all his friends who are now my friends and for all the love that has found expression in my life because of him.

In a way I am glad that he did not have to suffer the pain of loosing any of his dear ones during his lifetime. I love him dearly but he loves me more. My sweetheart. xxx

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