Day 65

After many months I went to the gym yesterday. It was good to take my attention away from my heart and mind to my quads, hamstrings and non-existent abdominal muscles! The endorphines were great too! However today I am really ‘enjoying’ the after effects. Can hardly walk! I have another appointment at the gym for tomorrow. Boooohoooooo!

All the education that I am putting myself through helps me think about things a bit more deeply. It also makes me realise how little information was given to us as a family. Here are a couple of insights I had about the treatment or lack of it that my son received:

1. At no point in time was my son seen by a Consultant Psychiatrist. We were told that his case had been discussed with a Consultant. The psychiatrist who saw him in A&E was a registrar and so is the doctor who followed him up. Is this standard practise? If so, should it be?

2. Secondly, he was never ever started on a ‘mood stabilising drug’ which is the mainstay of treatment of severe Bipolar disorder. It had been mentioned at his very first consultation but not started. The GP did not even suggest it, despite the fact that the diagnosis had been known to him. Wonder why!

So many questions! No answers.

To every heart that dares to hope,
To every soul that longs for peace,
To everyone who shares His love….Joy to you and all the world.

This is a greeting from a dear friend for the festive season. So beautiful! This is also my greeting to anyone who might be reading this and to all the world.
Yes. Joy! 🙂

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