Day 68

It’s Christmas eve. Last year on this day, he, his best friend and I set out in the evening for ice-skating only to find out that it did not take place on Christmas eve. So, we landed up in All-Bar-One. It was fun. Very spontaneous, just like him. Everything reminds me of him – chop-sticks, because we always used to compete on who was better at using them, percussion as that was his thing, anything french because he was such a francophile, a good joke because he always made me laugh, any picture of a mother and a child, looking in the mirror because I see glimpses of him, the sun, moon, rain, clouds and the breeze! Everything.

This is a link to a song written and sung by a dear friend of his, dedicated to his memory. The lyrics might not make much sense as there are a few in-jokes in them but it is great and I love it. Thanks Joe!

Yesterday I heard a phrase which accurately described one of his main attributes: ‘strong consciousness of social obligation’. He really cared. It bothered him that he was unable to do something as basic as partake in a conversation. Even in his farewell note he said – Sorry! He knew.

May peace be upon him and all the world!

2 thoughts on “Day 68

  1. I came upon your post of today, and have spent the last hour reading everything from Day 0. There are so many things I’d say if I could talk with you, although you have probably heard them all. From this bipolar 50 year old, I recommend a book by Kay Jamison Redfield, “Night Falls Fast”. It is my bipolar Bible. You are in my thoughts.


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