Days 77-78

A 2 hour flight, an aborted train journey, an hour long wait in a pointless queue, some dodgy negotiations, a 15 hours long, hair-raising taxi ride with much confusion en-route, all adding up to 29 hours later, we reached our destination. The sun was well on its way down, drawing shimmering pinkish pictures in the sky and the ocean. The waves were splashing playfully, singing in baritone and entertaining one and all. The moon was nearly as round as the sun, sitting face to face with it across the skies. The warmth in the breeze was washing all the tiredness away from every cell of my body while bringing comfort to my being. I felt so fortunate to be a witness to this miracle, this dream, this mystery, this life.

This brought back to mindIMG_2014

these lines by Rhydian ‘I won’t let you walk alone’ –

‘As the miles go by, as the days unfold

As the trails of dust turn into gold

As clouds of darkness become rays of light

I’ll be by your side.’

 Yes darling. I know. 🙂

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