Day 83

12 weeks today! Thursday again.

All those years ago, after we brought him home from the hospital as a newborn babe, I remember being worried about the most bizarre of possibilities for about 6 months. May be the hospital staff had made an error and swapped babies as happens in films. They might come back to take this one away and give me another one that was actually ‘ours’. This doubt arose from the fact that I could not believe how beautiful and adorable this baby was. What would I do if that happened? Would I be forced to give him up? Would I be able to feel the same way about the new baby? How would I manage?

Now, I feel so fortunate that this golden child was mine to cherish for so many years.

Our move to London when he was 12 came about due to a promotion for me. He had already spent a year in secondary school where he was thriving and hence, was not too happy about the move. It was a big culture shock after Belfast – from a big village to the “Big smoke”. I remember someone saying – so you are going from being a rich doctor to a poor nobody. That was pretty accurate but I was excited about my new post and believed that London would be better for us as individuals and as a family in the long run.

He settled in well at his new school, which was much more diverse and stimulating. Sports, academics, drama, social interaction, he loved it all. The only complaint he had was that there were no girls. ;-). Despite being in a very accepting and open environment, he was aware of his ethnicity. His way of dealing with the difference was to be funny and self-deprecating, possibly due to the Irish influence from previous years.

Out of curiosity I looked up the correlation between mental illness and ethnic minorities and found some interesting facts summarised in these 2 articles: – –

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