Day 98

Meet me in Cognito, baby,
In Cognito we’ll have nothing to hide.
Let’s go incognito honey,
And let the world believe we’ve died.

Meet me in Cognito, baby,
Of course we’ll have to color our hair.
The best thing about life in Cognito
Is that everybody’s nobody there.

Meet me in Cognito, baby,
We’ll soon leave  our pasts behind us.
The present is always a mystery,
And the future never fails to remind us.

So do join me in Cognito,
You know that I’ll never tell.
We’ll sneak in the back door of Heaven
And stroll unnoticed through Hell.

There, every day’s a surprise.
Where truth tells all the best lies.

– From Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins.

Well. He’s not coming home ever again and that is an utterly painful reality of my physical world. I seek him in the clouds, the ocean, the rain, the cool breeze and everywhere else. I am just tired of feeling this way. I wish I could find a way of not hurting so much. I look at my face in the mirror looking for glimpses of him and I catch a few in my eyes – a very similar shade of brown but his eyes were so beautiful. This is so not fair. This void that sits there like a huge ‘NOTHING’ all the time. What am I supposed to do with it? I have tried to ignore it but that doesn’t work. It is just there. All the time!!!

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