Day 204

Even in a tragedy such as this some people find an opportunity to gossip. It is hard to have compassion for minds with such severe lack of compassion. Small minds.

May be it is learnt behavior or just a way to kill time. May be they are just making conversation, small talk. May be it is because they don’t know that they are capable of much more than mere gossip. They don’t realize their own value. May be it makes them feel good about themselves. I have no clue.

It makes me sad because it is a result of ignorance. Not knowing enough about mental illness and finding simplistic, almost child like, explanations for something as complex as suicide. Constructing a seemingly logical sequence of events, believing and propagating it when nothing about a suicide is ever logical.

This reinforces the need to increase awareness of mental illness one person at a time till we are all transformed into a society with deeper understanding and compassion, with eyes and hearts that can see each other’s beauty and anguish even when it is not physical and with minds that can think big.

This is my dream.

8 thoughts on “Day 204

      • All of those dreams are, when what we want is an absolute solution, but changes are made face to face and that causes exponentially increasing changes. Idk if I blogged this already, but I heard the dalai lama speak in Cape Town many years ago. There was a Q&A session after and a woman asked how we could best help Tibet. He said, “if you meet a Chinese person, tell them how you feel about it. If they listen, good; if not, just walk away.” If we all do that about the changes we want, it’ll help. And one life saved makes everything in the world worthwhile, right?

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  1. There certainly nothing simple about suicide. There is something very simple about gossiping. By gossip, we all know that it is a way to avoid discussing the abyss in our own life. Truly, that activity is no place with those that are genuine and real.

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