Day 379

What to do to help someone who is suicidal?

  1. Ensure your own personal safety.
  2. Call Emergency services if they are threatening to jump. Observe from a safe place till help arrives.
  3. Either stay with them or arrange for someone to do so while they are get through the immediate crisis.
  4. Seek immediate help: GP/Phone 999/ A&E(not sure if that’s the best environment for them but trust your judgement on that)/ Call NHS 111 service for information and advise/ call Samaritans/ Remove the means if possible eg. pills.
  5. Discourage them from taking any more drink/drugs if they are consuming those things.
  6. Encourage them to talk – listen without judgement/ be polite and respectful/ do not deny their feelings/ do not give advise. Give reassurance that help is available and that they have other options.
  7. Ask them about what support they have – who can help them?

In a nutshell, seek professional help at once and DO NOT leave them until the help is in place.

What not to do?

  1. Try not to act shocked as this creates distance
  2. Don’t make small the intensity of their feelings
  3. Don’t analyse their motives
  4. Don’t argue or lecture
  5. Don’t make fun of them / use guilt to stop them
  6. Don’t be sworn to secrecy – CONFIDENTIALITY NEVER APPLIES TO SUICIDE.

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