Day 380

It’s ‘All Hallows Eve’ today – Halloween!
Also called nut-crack night or thump-the-door night. Originally a pagan festival – spirits of the dead were believed to come alive and walk amongst the living. To avoid being hurt by them, people would dress up in costumes before leaving home.

Another name for today is Bob Apple night. The story goes that when women accused of witchcraft in the middle ages were tried, they were tied to a chair and repeatedly ducked into a river or pond. If a woman drowned, she was declared innocent. If she survived, she was declared a witch and burnt at the stake. So sweet! Grrrrrrrrrr!

The town was alive with many parties, vampires and zombies today. Streaks of blood on clothes, faces and necks, blackened eyes, long black capes and tall pointy hats made for a dramatic spectacle. The orange of the pumpkins and costumes brightened up the day. I walked the streets of London for many hours just as myself so that if he saw me he would recognize me.

He used to love dressing up. He had some really ugly and scary masks that he would wear anytime anywhere. It didn’t have to be Halloween. On one occasion, I nearly got a heart attack!

A few of his other avatars are Widow Twanky (of Alladin fame), Alladin himself, a cowboy, a 118 118 man, a hulk, a badger, a drag queen, a cowboy and Borat in a mankini! There is photographic evidence.

I hope you are having a great party wherever you are.
Love you darling! Happy Halloween! xxx

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