Day 381

I am.

I am not my body.
Not my thoughts. Nor my feelings.
I exist in the space between the nucleus and the electrons of atoms.
I live in the gap between the sun and the earth.
A medium through which light and warmth travel.

I exist as a little speck of energy that gets affected by and has an effect on all other bundles of energy milling around me.
Like Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter and You.
I am but a spark of divinity.
Like the stars, earths, suns and moons.

I am flawed and scarred.
As I spin, my dark side exists in all its splendour too.
As I revolve and rotate and tumble along my orbital path, some dust gets picked up, some surfaces get polished and some parts fall off.
I mutate and transform, evolve and degenerate.
I am transient.

Yet the core of me stays unchanging, undying and limitless.
Unbound by name or form.
It transcends into the far reaches of Cosmos, into Nothing.
I am Nothing.

Everything that ever was or ever will be lies within me.

I am. I am. I am.

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