Day 443

Lately it’s been all about “Happy New Year!”

Lots of happy and unhappy people have been wishing ‘happiness’ to other happy and unhappy people. It is the perpetual pursuit, the ultimate blessing, the prime and often illusive objective, the much misunderstood ‘emotion’, the birth right of every being.

Numerous books have been written on the subject. Many enlightened souls have claimed knowledge of the secret short-cut to this popular and seemingly distant destination.

What is this thing? What does it look like? Where should I start the search for it? How do I go about it? Even if I find it, how long do I get to keep it? Is it possible to hold on to it for as long as I like? Can someone else give it to me? Will someone take it away again? Could I be forced to give it up? Once lost, is it retrievable? Is it always the same or does it change? Is it gradable – mild, moderate, severe?

It is different things for different people I guess. For me it means being in an unruffled and unrufflable state. Being ok within myself. Being in a state of gratitude. Being in a state of abundance. Knowing that I am and will be well taken care of by Mother Nature. I am aware that when the judgemental section of my head decides to rule over my heart, I am heading towards an unhappy state. I am also aware that when I get caught up in the feelings of my near and dear ones and try to fix it for them, it is a recipe for disaster.

My happiness lies within me and is always available to me.
I just need to choose to access it more often. Every moment.
My wish for you is that you may choose to access your happiness that lies within you every moment of everyday.


7 thoughts on “Day 443

  1. Thanks for encouraging me to choose happiness Sangeeta. You are correct in that it is an option for choice and we need to remember that. We assume that it is something that falls into our lap or gets snatched away. It is our own responsibility and I agree also that trying to fix our dearests’ lives leads to a destabilisation of our own inner ‘peace’
    May I wish you health and an ability to search and choose inner peace in 2016 xx


  2. Thank you Wynne. I wish that you may enjoy the small pleasures that surround us all the time, find solace in nature and in your family and share the immense love in your heart widely and generously. Big hug. xxx


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