Day 456

When he was born, I wish we had consulted a priest before finalising his name.
Wish we had got his horoscope made by a wise man who knew all the stars and would seat them in their proper place, to keep him happy and safe.

Wish I had put a black spot on his forehead, a sacred black thread around his neck. Wish I had chanted holy verses repeatedly everyday.
To keep the evil spirits away.

Wish I had put a jade talisman around his neck,a good-luck charm around his arm, a ta’wiz – a holy verse from a holy book written on a paper folded many times over to make a little square. To keep him safe.

Wish I had donated food that equaled his weight to holy men and hungry souls so they would all bless him on full stomachs and pray in their satiety for his safety.
Wish Time was my mate, looking out for him every second for me, observing his thoughts and bringing the destructive ones to me to destroy, leaving him with pure joy.

Wish the universe was a jungle in time and space that cradled him in a million kisses and warm hugs and never let him feel alone.
He was never alone.
Only he didn’t know.

What if I had done everything I could and more and he still wished to go?
Could I stop him?

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