Day 520

The deep shy wells filling up fast just behind the translucent veils of my eyes, he can see.
The innate need of those silent wells to spill, overflow and sometimes cause the floodgates to break open, he can understand.
The fleeting invisible memory that dramatically dances across the fields of vision, mid-sentence, he can sense.
The black smoky sadness that sits inside my hollow throbbing chest, breathing itself in and out of every cell all day and all night, he can feel.
The villainous thoughts that come pounding savagely on the doors of my skull repeatedly hacking at the delicate synapses within, he can hear.
The childlike need for a carefree little jive around the kitchen table, he can share.
The latent desire to synchronise my irregular heavy sighing breaths with his joyful light calm ones, he can know.
The inbuilt, deep set vault filled with priceless gems of secrets and hopes, he can reach.
The obvious potential for boundless joy, love, freedom and creativity, he can fathom.
The big thanks I want to say to the generous kindness of the Universe to have placed us next to each other on this short trip, he can imagine.
Thank you Si.

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