Day 532

Cardiac arrest, stroke, seizures, a blood clot in the lungs, pneumonia – these are examples of modes of death. The root cause of all these symptoms could be cancer. But when we speak of these deaths, we acknowledge that these patients died of cancer, whatever the modality.

The root cause of at least 70% of suicides is depression. Yet, we say they died of ‘suicide’ as though they had a choice in the matter. In fact, they did not choose to have depression just like patients who die of cancer do not choose to have cancer.  Suicide is only a symptom of the underlying illness, which Is often a deep depression. So, in effect they died of depression.

Depression is a much misunderstood condition as it is far more complex than general sadness. It is a devastating illness that robs people of their focus, restorative sleep, memory, sex drive, ability to work, play and love. So much so that it can cause them to loose their will to live. It is scientifically proven that depression activates the pain circuits in the nervous system causing immense torment and agony.

It is a global epidemic and the incidence is increasing with every generation.

The use of antidepressants has gone up by 300% in the USA over the last 20 years. These drugs may contrarily worsen suicidal ideation in the young. Psychiatric pharmacology is still a very poorly understood blunt instrument. Yet, it is easier for doctors to prescribe pills rather than invest time and effort in people to make them feel better. As a result more and more misunderstood drugs are being dished out for a misunderstood condition and people are dying as a result.

Robin Williams died of depression.
Saagar died of depression.

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