Day 531

May your angels always win
over your demons.

May your light always shine bright
even though it flickers with all its might.
May the winds never be so strong
As to blend it into a dark night.

May the tides of neuro-endocrine biochemicals
rise and fall in your favour.
May you always emerge from your silences
stronger and wiser.

May the ignorance and biases of people
find forgiveness in you.
May your peace and happiness
Always be with you.

May the ‘big-ass’ moon and its lunacy
shine on you with love.
May you always know that you
Are never alone and much loved.

May the pills not mess with you
Too much.
May they help you keep your ‘balance’
And such.

May this day mark the
true acceptance on everybody’s part.
Vincent Van Gough was a genius at Art.
He had his struggles too.
Just like me and you.
His birthday is today
and so is World Bipolar day.

30th of March it is.
Pity! I didn’t hear a whisper about this!
In years to come, let’s not miss
the day, nor the illness dismiss.

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