Day 542


Life happens in moments.
Those were just moments and so are these.
Mere moments.
While each one is fresh, it carries an essence of what went before.
While each one is new, it is coloured by the hues and shades of the past.
While each one pristine, it reflects the light coming from the horizon.
Each one absolute.
Each one complete.

Millions add up to a lifetime.
While a lifetime could be lived in one moment.
Like drops merge into the ocean,
The ocean also merges into a drop.

Wherever I am in time,
Is the entry point to the future
Where every moment will come one by one,
Never to return – immortal in itself.
Each one a gift, each one a present.

The sun is within me.
And the moon.
Each breath, a particle of divinity.
The truth lives
In the sound within me, secretly.

The tiniest house of time,
Is where life is happening.
Right here, right now. It’s your’s and mine.

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