Day 558

For Si

You and I
It’s funny we’re together
Certainly not birds of a feather.

When I met you I knew
that my life would begin, anew.
Though there were tests – one or two
We did manage to come through.
Now I know this to be true
That I am here because of you.

There are no words I can say
To tell you how much it means to see you everyday.
To know that you are with me
Makes me as strong as I can be.
To know, you understand
when I loose it, rave and rant.

Your orangutan arms,
Your wit and charm,
Have me galavanting with you
From the temples of Angkor-wat to Timbaktoo.

Your enthusiasm in infectious.
Your food divine,
Your heart is warm and you are kind.

I am honoured that it’s with me you want to be
And would like to share
the sun, moon and stars,
Chocolates, quinoa and pears.

I am grateful to the Universe for having sent you my way.
And my darling, on this special day,
I wish you a super-fantabulous Birthday.

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