Day 568



My dearest darling Saagar,

I didn’t know it was possible to love someone before they were born and after they die.
I didn’t know that love and grief can be felt at the same time with killing intensity.
I didn’t know that my heart could get past the shock of loosing you and carry on beating, however tremulously.
I didn’t know that the thought of never seeing you again could be compatible with my life.
I didn’t know Time could stretch and shrink within a few moments, spastically.
I didn’t know that the commonly held belief that ‘Time heals’ is a myth.
I didn’t know that loving connections between people are the most precious things in the world.
I didn’t know that my inner and outer landscapes could be so extremely opposite.
I didn’t know that our lives could be so tightly and beautifully intertwined.
I didn’t know your pain and suffering, only your loving generosity of spirit.
I know now. Thank you.

I am deeply grateful for this day and for every day that we were together on this planet.
Now, I also know that love is stronger than death. I love you. Mamma. xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 568

    • Dear Gloria. I will be in Belfast on the 18th, 19th and the morning of 20th of November 2016. It would be lovely to see you again.
      Please do let me know if you are free to meet up. Lots of love, Sangeeta. xxx


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