Day 567

In an office in the City, it’s time for the annual appraisal. The young man in question is a graduate trainee, about 22 years old. He is not considered quite up to the mark. His very sweet and steady girlfriend broke up with him by text out of the blue one day and it took him as long as 2 weeks to gather himself back together again. A definite cause for concern! Is his sensitive temperament suited to a career in the City?

Angad Paul, a 45 year old businessman killed himself in November 2015 while the balance of his mind was disturbed. Months prior to that his steel business, Caparo industries went into administration as a result of economic forces well beyond his control but he somehow held himself responsible.

As per an article in the Financial times on 2nd May titled “Taboo over executives’ mental health issues needs to be challenged” by Jonathan Guthrie, senior executives at the apex of an organisation can feel tremendous strain from their isolated positions. In addition, depression and burnout can result from lack of control. However, they are ‘desperately afraid’ that people will know that they have a problem. Stigma everywhere.

However, in 2011 Mr Horta-Osorio, Chief Executive of Lloyds bank went on sick leave after 5 days of insomnia. After a couple of months of rest and medication he came back to steer the bank through an exceptionally difficult phase. 4 years on, he is still in the job.

Stigma gets in the way of sufferers asking for help. It is a huge obstacle to overcome but so worth doing.


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