Day 654

Driving around in hot weather, I found myself looking for a shady spot to park the car so that it wouldn’t be too hot when I came back to it. Walking in the piercing sunshine, I found myself once again, looking for shade. I just expected trees to be there when I needed them. I stopped to think how many trees had I planted myself to rightfully expect them to be there for me. None. Not one.

Oprah Winfrey talks about the poverty she faced in childhood. One year her mother took her aside and said there would be no Christmas. However, at midnight there was a knock on the door and a few nuns brought gifts for Oprah and her siblings. She was deeply moved by the fact that someone remembered them and their predicament that night. She went on to raise funds for thousands of poor children to receive gifts on Christmas. ‘Give what you are given’ she says.


If you want to feel good, do good.

I did plant a bay tree about 12 years ago but after 3 years it died. I felt awful and stuck with indoor plants thereafter. I think it is time to try again.



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