Day 791

Looking forward with help.
Looking back with support.
Looking at this moment with love.

A bunch of daffodils
A beacon of hope.
A bag of tulip bulbs.
A promise of life.
All here, in this room.

A crackling log fire.
A sparkling tree.
Singing carols with friends.
Gobbling words and notes.
Giggles and gossip.

Trout with celeriac mash.
Apple spiced with cinnamon.
A brisk walk in the fields.
Hugs and kisses.
Love and best wishes.

Blessings and prayers.
Here and there.
No complaints.
Yes, pain. That’s plane.
Yet, heaps of smiles.

Thank you for what is.
Thank you.

Looking forward with love.
Looking back with love.
Looking at this moment with love.

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