It’s become a ‘thing’.

For a thousand days I wrote every day. It wasn’t a ‘thing’. That’s just what I did. I didn’t worry about who read it and why. It didn’t matter how good or bad it was. I just did it. Then I slowed down to writing roughly once a week.

Now, I think about writing. I talk about writing. I look up ‘writing’ on the internet. I consider on-line courses. I buy books on writing. I worry about writing well. I listen to podcasts of interviews with famous writers. I am on the lookout for writing tips in newspapers and magazines. I wonder what it must feel like to write properly every day. I envy those who can. What I do very little of, is write. I believe I repeat myself endlessly. I say the same things again and again. I forget things that are important. I hardly know any juicy big words. Why would anyone be interested in what I have to say? English is my second language and I can’t fully express myself in it anyway. My imagination is limited. I haven’t read enough books. I have no writing qualifications. Ms Confidence has evaporated and Mr Self Doubt has surreptitiously crept into her space in the vacant apartment of my psyche.

One ‘expert’ on you-tube suggested the way forward is to just write 3 full A4 sheets every day. She said,”… best not to think too much. Just put down on paper whatever comes to mind”. She called it a ‘brain dump’. She promised that over time it would start to make sense. It would become a story in your voice.

Maybe it’s time to go back to writing everyday. Maybe it’s time to start  my “big fat” book 🙂

PS: My favourite book on writing is ‘On Writing Well‘ by William Zinsser.


5 thoughts on “It’s become a ‘thing’.

  1. I miss your writing. I believe what you are doing is amazing. You help me heal every day a bit. I often translate passages of your writing to my mum . It touches her soul.she is keep asking me to tell you to write a book. There are thousands of people who stay silent they don’t know how to express the pain Please continue helping to heal . You have a great gift.

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  2. As I said before Sangeeta, you write so well. You notice the details about people and places. I still look forward to reading your blog every week. They say there is a book in all of us. I think mine is buried very deep, ha ha. You should write your book. With love and best wishes. Linda x

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  3. I agree with Linda that you write so beautifully with wonderful descriptions. Your blog has meant so much to me and I think you would be a wonderful writer if you embarked on writing a book, so please do not put yourself down! As ever, with love Diane x


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