Day 71


Whenever we went out for coffee, he would have an espresso or cappucino and I, a hot chocolate. It was another one of our bonding things. I have not had a hot chocolate since Day 0. I just haven’t felt like it. It’s funny how a button gets switched off in a second.

When I think of my childhood, so many stories come to mind. Religion, mythology, history and literature are full of stories. Everyone has a story. Entire civilisations have been built upon stories. Friends and relatives come together and share stories from here and there and we remember a lot of people by their ability to tell a good story. Films are stories told and retold. In the end, life is just a story. Some bits are fun and some are not. Sometimes it is too good to be true and other times it is a bitch. But, it’s nothing but a story. That is all it is.

Here’s some good new – a blood test for biomarkers to predict those at a high risk of suicide.

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