Day 74

Long time ago at one of the handicraft fairs I wanted to buy a beautiful black earthenware pot but my partner’s argument was that we shouldn’t buy it as it might break during one of our many transfers. We promised each other that if that happens, we will not break our hearts over it and we bought it. It graced our home for many years.

If something is breakable, it is a real possibility that it might break, no matter how much I feel it ‘should’ not. I cherish it and look after it and sometimes spend lots of money on it but despite everything it might disintegrate. It is the sense of entitlement that stops us from being ok with whether it stays or goes. Nature has its own laws. Going with the flow would seem to be the best attitude to take for our own peace of mind.

This brings to mind a story about 2 men who were falsely accused of a crime they had not committed and sentenced to life imprisonment. When they left the prison 20 years later, one on them had clearly gone insane from the injustice while the other man was calm and serene. On being asked about how he was able handle the situation, he said, ”I chose it.”

I accept my heart is broken. I have started putting it back together. Soon I shall find a new use for it.

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