Day 75

Happy 2015 everyone!

New beginnings, however arbitrary.

A new paragraph in a story.

A new opportunity to realize old intentions.

A chance to stop and look at ourselves.

A joyful celebration of life in its totality!

It has been a delightful evening of food, music, dance and lots of hugs spent with close friends and family. And of course our old friend, a wood fire which was cohesive and comforting on a cold winters evening. By the way, I think hugs are one of the best things in the world! I am glad 2014 is over. I have started the New year with a smile and a resolve to not let it be removed  by anything. Everyday I will remember to be grateful for my life and all it’s gifts. I will be joyful.

Here is the link to a music video called ‘Dreaming like a fool’. He had been working on it with his close friends who formed a group called Joaquim and The Smoke Machine. He is the percussionist in the band and also has a cameo appearance in the video as a pedestrian in a yellow t-shirt around the letter box at 1.14-1.20 minutes.

Introducing, the star of the show! Play on my darling! Play on.

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