Day 85

The BBC update published yesterday says that 8304 people have died of Ebola all over the world in the latest outbreak, one of them in the UK.

The 2014 Government update on suicides says that 4513 people have died of suicide in the UK alone in 2012, a trend that continues to be maintained at a very high level till date.

The same year 40,600 people died of suicide in USA, 1 every 13 minutes.

How much coverage does this real epidemic get in the media? Why? Is it because it is not a physical illness? Is it because it does not generate enough fear in the populace? Or is it because it does not figure anywhere in the priorities of the governments?

I have felt like an utter fool for all this time for not knowing so much about this problem despite being a medical professional. Now, that it has landed right on my doorstep, I am forced to look at it closely. The more I look, the more information and gaps I find.

It is clear to me that Mental illness is something we, the public need to learn and talk more about because the NHS and the government do not seem to care.

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