Day 86

21 years old university student James went to a walk-in centre at Newcastle feeling very anxious and suicidal in December 2006. He was referred to A&E in the same category of priorities as a toothache. He waited for half an hour and then left. 2 days later he ended his own life. His parents, Nick Wentworth-Stanley and Clare Milford Haven set up a charitable foundation in his memory:

An alliance of suicide prevention charities called TASC ( is working hard to spread information, identify gaps and provide effective action to reduce suicides and influence policy makers to formulate preventative strategies and working with media to report responsibly.

Campaign against living miserably, CALM ( is a charity with a sole purpose of reducing male suicide in the UK. It has recently published an audit trying to understand the causes for male suicides:

The report suggests a cycle of depression, frustration and unhealthy behaviours develops in men which is difficult to break. Ensuring men feel they can speak to someone about depression is paramount. The audit makes other astute observations that are enlightening.

Harmless, Grassroots, Mind, Bipolar UK, Equilibrium, Rethink Mental Illness, Papyrus, Maytree, Samaritans, If U care share Foundation are other charities doing truly inspiring work in this field.

So much is being done, yet so much more needs done. Wonder how I can make a difference.

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