Day 107

This morning after the yoga lesson and a brief meditation, the instructor said to everyone with utmost sincerity and a sweet smile, “Have a peaceful day”. The way she said it really made me want to honor her wish for me. Something inside me completely resonated with her – I want to have a peaceful day because this person wants me to and I did. I have only known her a few days and yet I felt that way about her. It made me think about all my near and dear ones. They wish the same for me and they say it in their own special ways – by sending me thoughtful messages or funny stories, by reading my blog, by calling me just to say hello or just by being there for me. I want to honor their wish for me too and I will. Also, when I wish someone a good day, I will really mean it, making sure the universe gets it like it did this morning.

Today I thought about how much he had enjoyed the holiday he had in Greece with his best friend and his mother a few years ago. I was hoping to go for a similar holiday with him and his best friend sometime this year. We could have gone last year but somehow it got postponed. There is always next year, next summer, next month, next week or even next day. But this time there isn’t. What there is, is a lesson not to take things or people or time too much for granted. Sometimes it’s all gone in a flash. Am I now postponing being peaceful? I have the choice to be it every moment of everyday. It’s up to me, now, now, now……

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