Day 108

A long scenic taxi ride along a meandering coastal route, a flight from summer to winter, a complete change of scenery, air and food and another day gone. As I go through days like these, life seems more and more like a dream, my belief in everything being multidimensional beyond my imagination gets reaffirmed and my ability to only experience life in limited dimensions starts to bother me. It seems that this whole creation is like one big jigsaw puzzle all the odd shaped 3-D pieces of which have spheres, pyramids, cubes and stars jutting out and cut out of their sides. They all belong to different sets randomly thrown together and we are made to believe they fit. No matter how much I try I cannot make them fit because I can only see them in a narrow paradigm and a through a very small bandwidth. In it’s entirety, the concept is baffling and way beyond my understanding.

I feel like a 1920s medium wave transistor in a world of satellite probes, robotic assistants and supersonic waves. I cannot comprehend the hows, whys, ins, outs, how comes and whereabouts of anything happening around me. It must be real at some level and yet, it is a dream.

Spirit is the real and eternal, matter is the unreal and temporal.

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