Day 202

The world is bipolar.
I refer to the north and south poles of course. And the disparaging extremes of wealth and poverty, the polarity of which seems to be increasing everyday.

There is the worshiping and plundering of nature in so many different ways. The deep connection with nature like the Native Americans and Maoris on one hand and the multibillion pounds worth of mining and oil & gas industries on the other.

Some parts of the world strongly believe in and practice non-violence and others make it their business to find innovative ways of keeping domestic and foreign wars alive in one form or another.

There is charity and joy on one side and jealousy and greed on the other; artistic creativity on one side and robotic corporate-ness on the other.

The media creates iconic figures out of ordinary people such as popular singers and footballers and within no time gleefully shreds them to pieces just for public entertainment.

Facebook is full of happy pictures as though that is the only face of life. Behind those are the struggles, the confusion and the worries that are not visible.

I wonder how it must feel to be growing up in this world.
Our world, that is so bipolar.

2 thoughts on “Day 202

  1. Kind of an interesting thought. Yin and yang, north and south, masculine and feminine, right and left, and so forth. The world is full of nonense and narcissism. Immediate gratification at the expense of mother earth or future generations is just plain wrong. Bipolar is a label. Labels should not be for human beings. There are oppressive and self fufillling. The only label is for the tomato can.

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