Day 221

He picked the name Milkshake for his cute little kitten 2 summers ago. They spent all their time together. I have amusing memories of him endlessly entertaining his cat and himself with the dancing red dot of a laser pointer. They were hilarious together. He is now a vagabond adolescent cat, coming home essentially for food, like most teenagers.

Soon after Day 0, Milkshake would often be found moping around in his room, sitting on his study chair for hours, looking really sad. Now he sleeps on the steps leading up to their room as the door is closed.

Sifting through his t-shirts, I chose a couple for myself. I left them on my bed and got busy with other things. On returning to my room half an hour later, I found Milkshake curled up into a ball on top of his t-shirts, having a snooze. My heart just melted. He knows. He misses him. So sweet!

A friend had received a baby tree as a gift when her son was born 23 years ago. This tree thrived in her back garden for all those years. When her son passed away, that tree dwindled and died soon after in the same year, for no apparent reason.

We are all deeply connected. We are made up of the same stuff. The connection is not always visible but it can be felt. It is there.

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