Day 325


Make sense of it?

It doesn’t make any sense.
It goes against any logic and every basic survival instinct.
It is not supposed to happen to anyone, especially kids.
Even the thought of it is harrowing.
There are no answers to most questions.
May be the ones who have passed had some answers.
May be they had no clue at all.
Was it impulse or was it planned?
Was it preventable or inevitable?
Would it have happened sooner or later anyway?
What if this or that or the other?
How could no one see it coming?
How long had the thoughts been there?
Why could he not open up to someone?

Did he really think that no one cared?
How could he think that?

How could I have gone to work that morning?
How could I be so oblivious to what was going on?
When did it all start?
Could I or anyone else have done anything to avert it?

Are there any answers?
How are we supposed to make sense of it?
Is it even possible?

Every 41 seconds, someone is left…

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