Day 638

yello arum lilies


Just a routine commute back home from work.
Rucksacks on Si and me.
And a thick layer of fatigue.

The Bustimes App said 6 minutes.
The double decker arrived in 4.
We beeped in following the 14 odd people before.

They spead out on the top floor.
Each one by a window.
Just one last vacant pair of seats to go.

I slide past him to get to the window seat.
An unsaid rule that we repeat.
He sits down beside me and we happen to look down at our feet.
The sight is that of an unusual wonderfulness.
A paper bag full of sunny yellow soft beautifulness.

We look closely at multiple tapering funnels unfurl.
Many a bright green stem
Unfold into an elegant yellow curl.

I pick out of the bag as I reach.
Four bundles, a dozen each.
For us! It’s hard to believe.
Yellow arum lilies someone did leave.

Wonder what their story was.
Who were they meant for?
Where were they headed? Was someone to be wedded?

Well, they came home with us.
They seem happy enough.
Looking pretty and shining their light.
Just what Saagar would have liked.

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