Day 637

South London and Maudsley (SLaM) NHS Foundation Trust is where Saagar was treated. This morning I visited their website and looked at a few videos and one titled “Insulin Coma Dreams: The Gloriously Psychotic version” captured my attention. It shows glimpses of healing through sharing stories, art, singing, playing the drums and guitar, poetry and rapping. It is full of hope. One young lady spoke the wisest words coming from her own experience of mental illness (most probably Bipolar Disorder):

“You need to stop focusing on lack
If you wish to reclaim your power back
You are a glorious co-creator
You have the power to design a will
So what you are experiencing
You have the key to change it still
If at times it feels as though
You are not the one in control
This is just a reflection of
Disconnection from the soul
Your inner being is pure love
And it speaks and thinks as such
So when your thoughts are not of love
It just means you need to get in touch
The love that you are
That at times you forget
It is that simple love
That’s your biggest asset
So when things are scary
You feel pain or angst or stress
Just remember who you really are
And know that you are the best.”

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