This night.

He was born when I was 28.

The monsters of pain took him in his 21st.

I was in my 49th.

Today, he would be in his 28th. I am in my 56th.

7 years ago, this night was his last in this house.

I am here tonight. Sleeping in his room.

7 years it takes for all my cells to be replaced.

7 chakras. 7 cycles.

7 colors. 7 musical notes.

7 days clumped into a week.

A bunch of random dates. Time as a thing.

Not straight. A mirage.


Revolving. Rotating.

An illusion. A thought.

A future forgot.

Grow. Mature. Flower. See.

A constellation upon which I sit as fully me.

Push through the glass wall of Time. Release.

Rise and fall


7 thoughts on “This night.

  1. Poignant, powerful words which convey the suddenness and a stark reminder that life and its progression is essentially change and yet there is growth, there is hope and there is a possibility of peace and resolution

    With love and gratitude to you, Ros xx

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  2. Thinking of you Sangeeta as I remember Sagaar.

    I have been revolving around the number 7 recently as it was 7 years since I lost Angharad on the 7th of this month.

    She was 21 when she left and I realised that 7 years was a third of her life alive with us.
    As she would have been 28 now, she has been absent for a quarter of the time since conception as her span encompassed four 7 year cycles.

    Yes as you say all our cells have been replaced over these last 7 years but our memories are still fresh and intact.

    How strange is this significance of number 7 for us this year.

    Sending you much love Sangeeta. ❤️💔xx

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  3. I havnt forgotten the first time you spoke at Saint Martyn’s in the field about your loss of Saagar and how many days it had been. I find it hard to believe it’s been 7 years for you and over six for me. Thinking of you. Linda x


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