Day 113

26 of us met up for dinner today: 12 of his friends, 6 of his friend’s parents, 6 of our friends and the 2 of us. It was like a big family and we felt really close having been brought together by him, his memory, his laughter and his love for all of us. A few people could not come. When I was planning this evening, I thought I had an idea why but in fact I didn’t. It feels like we all know we are headed somewhere but none of us has been on this road before. We don’t know where it is taking us but we are in it together.

Today was my first full day back home and it was spent getting things back in order and doing some cleaning and unpacking. I enjoyed listening to Radio 4 again – ‘old people’s radio station’ is what he liked to call it. Some effort went into not going to his room as I wasn’t sure I was ready for it.

Tomorrow morning I know I will be ready because I am not alone. I have all these lovely friends with me. Seeing them today has made me feel strong and very close to him. Nothing can take him away from the place that he has made for himself in our hearts. Not even death.

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