Day 990


The Hook

Couldn’t believe that Saagar was gone on Day 1 or Day 10 or Day 100 … and soon it will be Day 1000. Still, life goes on. Still struggle with it. A lot!

Everything has changed – the world, me, my relationship with the world. I have been walking, sometimes crawling, up a steep learning mountain. Still am. Sometimes flattened by it. Many of you have been walking with me, keeping me fun, encouraging and comforting company. We have spent a lot of time together and there is so much more to do, share and learn.

This blog has been the hook on which I have hung my days. It has kept me from irretrievably crashing on the floor and getting decimated. It had held me together. It has been an ever-present friend, always willing to listen and receive, the stage on which I have shown Saagar off and poured my love for him, a rubbish bin into which I have chucked my pain, anger and regrets.

Coming up to Day 1000, I am filled with anticipation as I know it is time to loosen my grip, to place a little more faith in life and ride my bike with ‘no-hands’ for a bit. I feel the time is right. It is with trepidation that I make this proposal to myself that after Day 1000 I shall post a blog every Thursday. Or will it be Day 1001?

“You who walk, your footprints
 are the road and nothing else
 There is no road, Walker.
You made the road by walking.
By walking you made the road
And when you look backward
you see
 the path that you will never step on again.
Walker, there is no road,
Only wind-trails in the sea.”



8 thoughts on “Day 990

  1. Then maybe comfort and certainty in the discipline of daily writing? As it is your choice, you could allow yourself a day off every once in awhile and see how it feels?

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  2. Sangeeta, you have been a daily part of my life and others in SOBS since I met you in London and I would miss your daily blog. However, keeping in contact with you weekly would still be wonderful and important to me .
    Much love
    Hazel x

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    • Dear Hazel, I think it will be hard for me to make the transition as well. It’s helped me to know that you like to read what I write. That means a lot to me too. I hope we will run into each other again soon. Big hug, S. xxx


  3. Sangeeta…You are a lovely lovely person. ‘Stumbled’ on your blog recently and it has taken me to various places. God bless you! Saagar would be immensely proud of you and he was so lucky to have you as his maama!

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