Day 933


As if butter wouldn’t melt…

A picture of innocence. Beautiful big eyes.  Gorgeous striations of white and grey. Perfect symmetry. Luxurious fur. Abundant agility.

Instinctively he knows the newest and best piece of furniture in the house. Very soon it belongs to him. If he finds someone else sitting on his chair, he lets them know that he is putting himself through the inconvenience of waiting for them to vacate his seat.

While perfectly capable of using the cat-flap, if we happen to be in the lounge, he expects to be let in by us. He even places his front paws on the French windows, just in-case we hadn’t noticed. I must admit that when we do open the door for him, he always obliges us with his grand entry. As the saying goes, dogs have masters and cat have staff.

One minute he is your best friend and the next he completely ignores you. The next, he goes for your toes as if they were menacing little mice. The next he wants a kiss and a cuddle and the next he claws the very fingers that caress him. Quiet the alpha male, he is often seen bullying other cats in the neighbourhood. In a jiffy he transforms into a cute little fur-ball. He doesn’t like light falling on his eyes and he assumes various shapes to block it out.

After all, cats are  humans too. 



Day 896

I thought I was going to be alone this week as Si was away. But someone made sure I didn’t feel alone. 

This creature showed up at my bedside every morning to say good-morning. He hardly left home while I was around, which is very out of character as he is a certified vagabond. As I chopped tomatoes at the kitchen table, he sat there watching me. When I came home from work, he greeted me at the door, brushing up against my legs with affection. When I woke up from a nap on the sofa, I found him snoozing on the arm chair next to me. As I sorted out the washing, he snooped around in the same space. As I changed the bed linen he jumped from one side of the room to the other. He scuttled around me, inviting me to play with him. When I spoke to him, he responded not just appropriately, but affectionately. At bed time he nearly came up to me with his Pyjamas tucked under his arm and had to be shooed off. 

We listened to music together. We watched the TV. We chilled out. We cuddled. We even had a few deep and meaningful conversations. 

It was fun hanging out with Milkshake.